Handyman Services in the Hampshire, IL Area

Handyman Services in the Hampshire, IL Area

We Offer a Variety of Handyman Services for Our Clients

River Land Landscaping Inc has been the trusted company that provides handyman services in Hampshire, IL since 2008. We offer many handyman services, from small dry wall repair projects to larger interior painting projects. Our handyman services include:

  • Concrete work
  • Brick Paving
  • Moving Services
  • Minor Electrical Repairs
  • Drywall Repair
  • Interior Painting
  • Mold and Trim Work
  • And more!

Have a project you need a professional handyman's help with? Call us today to schedule your service.

Electrical Repairs Aren't a DIY Project!

A faulty outlet can cause a lot of problems. But you can avoid them by letting us examine it. If at first glance, we can see that the outer covering, which is made from plastic, is somewhat burned, then it is definitely time for us to change it. We would also check the inner portion of the outlet especially the two pieces of copper that hold the prongs of the electrical cord. These copper pieces can lose its grip on the prongs as time passes by. Now, we are more than sure that there is a need to change your electrical outlet.

Once we have turned off the power to the outlet, we would remove the face of the outlet and the two screws that hold the outlet securely in your wall. Just to make sure that everything is safe, we will use a voltage tester to check if there is no electricity. Our next step would be to remove the wires that are screwed to the sides of the outlet. Once this is done, we will also examine them to see if there are scorch marks. We would also scrutinize if the insulation does not show signs of wear and tear. If it is still good shape, we will cut the exposed wire with the use of wire strippers. Now, we are ready to wire your outlet. Once we have completed this step, we would secure the outlet by wrapping it with electrical tape. Then we will put the outlet back into the wall box.

River Land Landscaping Inc understands the complexities of housing repairs and the problems that they can cause. So do not spend time worrying about them. Instead, you should call us immediately at 847-845-2510. We are more than happy to take care of them.